Cold Reclamation Road Building

Our products require NO HEAT to prepare for installations. Energy is saved using this product versus asphalt's high-cost application methods.

No asphalt heating plants are necessary, which saves enormous amounts of money as well as the environment.

With LANDLOCK®, communities are no longer forced to deal with the negative impact asphalt plants introduce to their air and water.

We save you money in excavation costs and machine transportation costs, as well as a less-expensive product cost.

Application of LANDLOCK® product requires a minimal number of machines to properly pave a road. Our product is installed using only our product mixed with water.

LANDLOCK® welcomes clients and projects of any scale. Customers around the globe have the ability to use the tools and equipment that are readily available. For Mix-In applications our polymer solutions may be integrated manually by using a grader or rotary tiller.

Many soil types and project specifications will allow for LANDLOCK® to be applied topically with a commercial water truck. Both methods of application will result in strong and long lasting driving surfaces that will remain intact, unaffected by heavy traffic and severe annual weather patterns.