LANDLOCK® Natural Paving is the most versatile, cost-effective, & environmentally friendly road building technology currently available.

Within hours, our water-based polymeric solutions can turn native aggregates and dust ridden areas, into durable roads that get harder over time and with heat exposure.

By using non-heated materials that cure naturally through evaporation, LANDLOCK Natural Paving simplifies the application process and provides effective solutions for building infrastructure using common road building equipment.

The Future of Road Building and Dust Control is Here...

Dust Abatement &
Erosion Control

Dust is an inherent problem with roadways, mining, agriculture, forward operating military areas, and more. LANDLOCK® offers customized dust abatement products for all of these.
Cold Reclamation
Road Building

Our products require NO HEAT to prepare for installations. Energy is saved using this soil stabilization product versus asphalt's high-cost application methods.


Traditional oil-based paving methods come with high environmental and monetary costs--and a considerable carbon footprint.


LANDLOCK® solutions dramatically reduce road development budgets while multiplying production and reducing construction time. Our product and process is unmatched.


Through LANDLOCK's intensive process, products are specifically developed catering to the unique characteristics of your soil or road materials.