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Golf courses that use LANDLOCK for their cart paths achieve a natural aesthetic that is more durable than gravel, and yet more cost effective than asphalt.

Design is fundamental to everything we do. We have created a proprietary product especially for golf courses, which will bind with native soil or aggregate to enhance a course’s natural beauty. We have designed an installation process that will quickly and affordably establish pathways that perform year in, year out.

Natural looking paths with less aggregate required
Natural product that won’t harm the ecosystem
Less maintenance for greenkeepers and grounds teams
Golf course installation process is up to 8x faster to install than concrete
Uses non heated materials, unlike asphalt
Uses standard course and road-building machinery
Establishes a stronger surface than traditional paving methods
Save 10 – 40% vs traditional paving methods


  1. Paths ruin beautiful landscapes: Unsightly black asphalted paths undermine the visual appeal of the course – one of the architect’s and designer’s primary considerations. This is especially apparent to golfers on approach shots to otherwise beautifully manicured greens.
  2. Erosion and washouts: Year-round weather can wreak havoc on gravel paths causing washouts and gravel loss into fairways and greens. Constant grading and shaping are required to maintain usable surfaces, increasing the work-load for the grounds crew.
The Wrong Path
The Wrong Path
  1. Fugitive dust: Gravel paths affect air quality but also create major issues regarding the cleanliness of carts and staff’s time spent cleaning golf bags.
  2. High, ongoing costs: The man hours and associated material costs required to maintain gravel cart paths prove inefficient for most clubs. Those with failing asphalt or concrete paths face steep replacement costs.
  3. Bumpy rides: Golfers hate spilt drinks in their carts. Not only this, but advising “Cart Paths Only” on wet days is hard to enforce when the paths are riddled with water-holding potholes.


Paths that Blend into the Landscape: LANDLOCK builds rock-hard, dependable surfaces that look like part of the environment, taking on the visual characteristics of native soils and aggregates.

The Right Path
The Right Path

Impermeable, weather proof system: LANDLOCK surfaces are impermeable, meaning no cracking and potholes. When properly pitched they won’t wash away, as they offer a surface course that is bound to what’s beneath.

Less aggregate required: After LANDLOCK stabilization, no additional aggregate is required over the life span of the path. Even better, failing asphalt surfaces can be recycled through LANDLOOCK’s Cold In-Place Reclamation process, eliminating costly removal.

The Right Path
The Right Path

Low-cost, rapid installation and low maintenance: With our innovative installation process, LANDLOCK is 2x faster to install than asphalt and 5x faster than concrete, and 10%-40% less expensive. Maintenance can be done by blowing or sweeping the surface clean and applying an additional coat of sealant to fill voids to prolong life span.

Smooth rides keep golfers coming back: A smooth, fast surface keeps golfers comfortable and focused on their next shot. Returning golfers are key to driving revenue and spreading word of mouth.

The Right Path
The Right Path

Choose the color of your path: LANDLOCK offers unique cart path design options using colored non-toxic pigments. These colorants mix seamlessly with LANDLOCK products during both the injection or placement phase on into the finish seal coating. Most of our customers are looking for earth tone pigments to preserve the natural aesthetics of their course.


“Whether you have gravel, asphalt or failing concrete, we have the solution for you. Our field technicians and certified installers are on site to manage the process to ensure high quality results. We have been fortunate to partner with some of the biggest names in golf who are at the cutting edge of design and construction to ensure high quality results. Through these experiences both stateside and abroad, LANDLOCK has developed a new product line engineered specifically for golf. These are coupled with a refined and dependable installation process which allows us to offer the best warranty in golf.”

-Mike Kostorowski, CEO and President, LANDLOCK Natural Paving  

The Right Path

Building Together

We started LANDLOCK® to work with organizations who share our passion for reducing waste and who want to make a positive impact in communities near and far. There are a lot of roads that need to be built and LANDLOCK® is definitely in it for the long haul. We would welcome the opportunity to chat with you, so we can decide together, if we are the right fit.