The revolution in the renewable and sustainable energy sector is placing great demands on infrastructure development. Power generation facilities of all types require strong and low-cost roads requiring little to no maintenance and dependability throughout their operational life span. 

These demands are today being addressed by LANDLOCK’s innovations that are providing astounding results. Civil works and natural paving can be achieved in a faster, stronger, less-expensive and more-environmentally responsible manner than ever before. Our valued engineering solutions can also be leveraged to improve the efficiency of a facility’s energy capture. LANDLOCK is at the forefront of introducing this revolutionary technology with our experience and global reach and we are perfectly positioned to assist in the construction of these ambitious sustainable energy projects all over the world.


LANDLOCK is an organic, non-toxic, non-hazardous, bio-degradable (in its pulverized state) polymeric emulsion that mixes with local soil and water to create hard, dust free surfaces. Less aggregate is required than asphalt, and it is installed in non-heated process. The combination of these factors results in zero carbon emissions as a truly green product. Our roads are cured and hardened by the sun, so hot climates speed up installation and further strengthen the surfaces. We offer a wide range of colorants that create a great degree of aesthetic versatility.


When coated with LANDLOCK’s Reflective Pigment the solar radiation intensity was increased by 13-17%. Energy capture increases dramatically for all single and dual sided panels or parabolic mirrors on a typical solar farm or park beyond our tests results. However, if it’s a circular farm design we feel the potential energy increase will go even beyond a normal solar farm design.

This strong foundation and coverage will also protect the panels and parabolic mirrors from dust blockage while mitigating vegetation growth.


LANDLOCK doesn’t just build roads – the technology can be used for recreational areas and natural habitats: pathways, walkways, parking lots and marketplaces. Ancillary applications include slope erosion control, fugitive dust control and contaminated soil remediation/encapsulation.


LANDLOCK has been successfully deployed in 38 countries in support of both public and private entities.

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Building Together

We started LANDLOCK® to work with organizations who share our passion for reducing waste and who want to make a positive impact in communities near and far. There are a lot of roads that need to be built and LANDLOCK® is definitely in it for the long haul. We would welcome the opportunity to chat with you, so we can decide together, if we are the right fit.