Are You Spending Profits on Potholes?

The infrastructure of your parks, is your biggest on-going expense and will often determine annual profits or losses. Are you doing all you can to examine and invest the latest technology that will give you the best long-term ROI?

In the case of roads, your residents use them every day and naturally they will associate the condition of your roads with the overall quality of the community. Having good looking, high-quality roads will justify increasing rents.

The secret to long last roads actually lies out of sight, in the base. If and when there is erosion or pumping in the base, your asphalt will crack and begin to deteriorate. Rain water will penetrate those cracks and exacerbate the problem. When freeze thaw cycles begin, blowouts are inevitable.

Dust Control Without Sacrificing the Environment

Most tend to forget about their waste as soon as it leaves their property, which makes sense - out of sight, out of mind. The denial of scientific evidence at the highest levels of government about the state of the planet and our impact on it can have the dangerous effect of lulling us into a false sense of security. Not only that, but trash and global warming are generally not two things that most people would consider as having any sort of connection.  However, in many parts of the country, a very real and strong connection can be made every day at your local landfill.  Due to strict state and local air quality regulations, landfills are required to control the dust that kicks up from the haul roads that lead from the main entrance to the dumping point, often a half mile or more in length.  Based on our work experience across the industry, we know that the vast majority of landfills rely on spraying water as their primary dust suppressant tool.  By keeping the haul roads damp, landfill operators can reduce their dust emissions dramatically.  However this method of Dust Control is a major cost - both to the operation’s bottom line and in many cases to the environment.

Building Together

We started LANDLOCK® to work with organizations who share our passion for reducing waste and who want to make a positive impact in communities near and far. There are a lot of roads that need to be built and LANDLOCK® is definitely in it for the long haul. We would welcome the opportunity to chat with you, so we can decide together, if we are the right fit.