Road, Aviation & Pathway Construction

“Soil stabilization” is a broad category that in many cases encapsulates much of what we do. However, the specific applications we carry out greatly depend on the needs of our diverse client base. Our body of work consists of roads, runways, taxiways, aprons, helipads, hardstands, parking lots, trails, pathways, loading & storage areas and recreational applications.

Cold In-Place Asphalt Reclamation

Traditional, asphalt-based road re-construction processes are simple yet wasteful: The most cost-effective asphalt application is known as an “overlay.” This is a process of putting new asphalt down on top of the bad, failing asphalt. It is considered a low-cost, quick fix and provides the newly paved look that drivers are seeking. It is, however, a BandAid because the problems beneath will quickly rise to the surface. The 2nd most traditional asphalt application is known as “remove and replace or R&R.” As the name implies, this process involves removing (milling out) the existing asphalt and replacing it will new asphalt. Although a better option for longer lasting pavement than an Overlay, there are two primary reasons why R&R is both wasteful and inefficient:

  1. Asphalt millings (pulverized asphalt) are a relatively high-grade material if properly recycled. Just because a surface is cracked up and degrading, doesn’t mean that the material itself can’t be rehabilitated and reused. The cost and time needed to mill out and remove/dispose of the failing asphalt is significant.
  2. This approach doesn’t address the root cause of the asphalt failure problems with the base. Rather than addressing these issues at the base, “R&R” is simply a short-term solution to long-term problems the will result in required maintenance early in the roads life cycle.
wide landlock road

By leveraging a reclaimer-driven process called cold in-place asphalt reclamation LANDLOCK® is able to:

  1. Eliminate wasteful costs and reduce time associated with removing and disposing of the failing asphalt.
  2. Address failures at the base by integrating the asphalt millings (a high-quality material) into the base at a 1 to 1 ratio. Meaning, if there are 3’’ of asphalt, the reclaimer will pulverize a total 6’’.


Many counties, villages, and townships around the country are doing something new referred to as “Crush & Shape” a process of literally pulverizing an asphalted road and then grading, shaping and compacting. This essentially turns traditional asphalt roads back to gravel which will result in far more annual maintenance to control, erosion, washout, settlement, gravel loss and dust.

LANDLOCK’s® cold in-place asphalt reclamation process is one of the most cost effective, high performing and environmentally-friendly alternatives for rehabilitating failing asphalted roads in support crush & shape programs.

elicopter on runway near group of people

Runways & Helipads

LANDLOCK® sister company OPSDIRT® has been a pioneer in alternative aviation construction (and safety improvement) methods, having successfully constructed runways, taxiways and aprons capable of supporting C-130 aircraft, with loads in excess of 400,000lbs. LANDLOCK® technology has helped support counter-narcotics missions in Latin America as well as counter-terrorism exercises in Africa. In addition to fixed-wing landing surfaces, we have also constructed countless helipads that are erosion and dust free, reducing brown-out Conditions that can make helicopter take-offs and landings dangerous for pilots. Additionally, our solutions provide control of foreign object debris or FOD, a costly and problematic issue as where objects get sucked up into engines causing damage, danger and destruction.

Sub-Base Stabilization

When integrating LANDLOCK® into the sub-base of a road, it allows contractors to reduce the road’s profile of design resulting in cost savings and the reduction of waste commonly associated with modern road construction.

Based on extensive lab and field testing, a LANDLOCK® treated base will be 2-20 times stronger than an unstabilized base. This means that engineers can significantly reduce the profile of design of the road and still achieve the required performance metrics. A smaller profile of design means less material, which means less waste. At the same time, builders will see a reduction in (material and transportation) costs, while simultaneously increasing production rates. The entire construction process is more efficient and less wasteful - Smarter Infrastructure.

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Surface Paving and Stabilization

Surface paving and stabilization, whether building a road, runway, helipad, golf cart path or nature trail, is at the core of our business. Whether the work is large or small-scale, every paving project follows the same installation process: we integrate our products into the soil or aggregates, thoroughly mix, grade/shape for proper drainage, compact to 95% plus, sealcoat topically and leave to cure/harden for 24-72 hours, depending on environmental conditions.

In most cases, the required equipment is readily available in almost every corner of the globe. However, whenever possible, we suggest having a mixing machine on site to truly leverage the efficiency that our technology can bring to the road building process. Mixing machines include but are not limited to: soil stabilization machine (also know as a reclaimer), asphalt milling machine, Asphalt Zipper, FAE, Mill-Heads and Commercial Rototillers.

Farm & Rural Road Development

Across the world, even in developed countries, there are millions of miles of unpaved roads that are a constant source of fugitive dust and waste, given their need for constant maintenance. Because unpaved roads have no protection from rainfall, water erosion will turn a newly graded, rural road into a muddy mess, that once dried out, is then covered with potholes and/or is wash boarded. It is a vicious cycle that, previously, was impossible to win.

Golf Course Solutions

There are 30,000 golf courses operating worldwide, all of which are competing for a steadily declining community of avid golfers. The pressure is on to provide the best golfing experience, so the need to renovate, redesign and reconstruct has never been greater. Without the stabilization that paved cart paths offer, maintaining gravel pathways can be costly and time-consuming. Course designers also appreciate the need for a more natural-looking course, free from unsightly asphalt and concrete cart paths. LANDLOCK's® technology is the smart solution to meet these needs.

LANDLOCK's® cold in-place asphalt reclamation is ideal for rehabilitating existing, failing asphalted cart paths. For courses that have never had paved cart paths or are trying to achieve the natural look, our surface paving solutions (without black pigment) allow courses to eliminate dust and erosion commonly associated with gravel and decomposed granite pathways. Unlike when we build roadways, smaller equipment can used on courses to minimize the footprint and impact on the course during construction.

LANDLOCK® can also be used for bunker construction and stabilization during renovations and redesigns, much in the same way that other popular “bunker construction” companies are leveraging polymeric solutions. We have a network of qualified installers across the country to ensure the products are installed efficiently and properly.

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Our Jobs

LANDLOCK® and OPSDIRT® have successfully completed a variety of projects in over 25 countries, across 5 continents. As the global leader in Smarter Infrastructure, there is almost no place on earth where we can’t build. If you have any questions related to these projects, don’t hesitate to contact us.

cold in-place asphalt reclamation in Benton Harbor
Cold In-Place Asphalt Reclamation and Sub-base stabilization
Benton Harbor, MI
taxiway construction in Chad
DoD - Taxiway & Apron Construction
N’Djamena, Chad, Africa
road paving in mckittrick
Soil Stabilization/ (Haul) Road Paving
haul road in camp Al Jaber, Kuwait
Haul Road Stabilization/Paving
Camp Al Jaber, Kuwait
golf cart in Santa Ana
Golf Cart Path Construction
Santa Ana, CA
haul road stabilization in sylmar california
Haul Road Stabilization/Paving
Sylmar, CA

Why Landlock?

Up to 8 times faster to install
Maximized strength
30% - 50% cheaper
Non heated materials
Can utilize native soils vs importing new material
Less maintenance required
Uses standard road building equipment
Environmentally friendly

Building Together

We started LANDLOCK® to work with organizations who share our passion for reducing waste and who want to make a positive impact in communities near and far. There are a lot of roads that need to be built and LANDLOCK® is definitely in it for the long haul. We would welcome the opportunity to chat with you, so we can decide together, if we are the right fit.